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◆ 會議時間:2008年10月18、19日(星期六、日)

◆ 會議地點:蕭壟文化園區(臺南縣佳里鎮六安里六安130號)

◆ 論文截稿日期:2008年8月31日截止

◆ 論文題目及摘要

‧郵寄:台南縣佳里鎮六安里245號 南瀛國際人文研究中心 溫勝智 先生收




◆ 「第二屆南瀛研究國際學術研討會」籌備小組




§ 詳情請洽:
溫勝智/ 南瀛國際人文研究中心/ (06)7212338/
張彩鳳/ 臺南大學台灣文化研究所/ (06)2133111轉755/


--英文版 English edition--

Call for Proposal
Second International Conference on Tainan Area Studies
October 18-19, 2008
Tainan County, Taiwan

Located at the fertile plain in southwest Taiwan, Tainan wa in the past the cultural center of Taiwan, as well as the starting point of socio-economic developments of the entire island. New political and religious ideas penetrated into Taiwan through this doorway and in turn impacted the whole island and even the Asia Pacific Rim. Having occupied such a pivotal position, Tainan deserves our research attention. We wish to rediscover Formosa by studying Tainan .

The theme of the 2008 conference is: how the various levels or patterns of development in Tainan have impacted the whole Taiwan island, even the Asia Pacific Rim. We also welcome papers that concentrate on the Tainan area proper or papers engaging comparisons with the regions in its vicinity. The main fields of research include the following:

1. Sessions’ fields of research:

(1) Environmental change

(2) The development of Han pioneers’ society

(3) Ethnic studies

(4) Industry development

(5) Religion and society

(6) Politics and elections

(7) Literature and art

(8) Tradition and modernity culture

2. Dates and Venue of the conference:

Dates: October 18-19, 2008 (Sat. and Sun.)

Venue: Shaolon Culture Center (Jiali Town, Tainan County, Taiwan)

3. Abstract due for: February 29, 2008.

4. Paper due for: August 31, 2008.

5. Submission:

(1) Please submit a tentative paper title and your 500-word abstract, as well as

a copy of your CV.

(2) The conference will be conducted in English and in Chinese. Abstract and
paper can be written either in English or in Chinese.

6. Further information:

Please submit your proposal at the following e-mail address : (recipient: Steve Wen)

Paper presenters will be eligible for travel and living grants for the duration of
the conference.

The Planning Committee:

The International Center for Tainan Area Humanities Research

Tainan County Government

Graduate Institute of Taiwan Culture , National University of Tainan (NUTN)

§ For any inquires about the workshop and submission of the paper to the

workshop, please contact :

‧Steve Wen/TEL:886-6-7212338 /

‧Viola Chang/TEL:886-6-2133111 ext.755 /

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